Six Week Summer Program

More than just a summer program. We are committed to reclaiming our truths and setting ourselves free from the stigma around incarceration. And, in the end, we hope that everyone leaves our 6 week program with three fundamental things:

  1. A critical analysis of the prison industrial complex and how it has shaped our individual and collective experience, especially as women of color.

  2. A deepened sense of self awareness and self love.

  3. Courage and support to make the change they seek.


Radical Abolitionist Healing

2019 Campaign

Radical abolitionist healing is understanding the root of our trauma to transform ourselves and heal generations to come. We cannot practice abolition without healing and vice versa. Radical abolitionist healing is unapologetically loving ourselves. Being compassionate towards ourselves and community while also keeping it real, knowing when we need to step up and challenge ourselves + each other in the name of growth. Radical abolitionist healing is watering and giving life to our dreams. Embracing our roots. Exploring alternatives outside of what we’ve been conditioned to accept. Cultivating the gifts, skills, and wisdom our ancestors passed on to us so that we can better take care of ourselves and better protect our people.


We Are Because She Was

2018 Campaign

Honoring our ancestors and the women that came before us.

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Primary Caretaker Bill

2017 Campaign

SU members testified in favor of the Primary Caretakers Bill before the Massachusetts State House. The bill was created by formerly incarcerated women to raise awareness about how incarceration perpetuates cycles of poverty, trauma, and violence in our families and communities.


Feeding Homeless Families

2016 Campaign

SU focused on providing lunches to local homeless people.


FREE HER Conference

2015 Campaign

SU attended the FREE HER conference. This is an annual conference that brings together powerful leaders from across the country who are formerly incarcerated women, family members of the incarcerated, and grassroots organizers.